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System Design

Neptune Panels, are a custom replicable water feature system that can be installed anywhere from a pool edge to a stand-alone feature in any residential or commercial location. With 5 simple steps to construct our water features, you will be able to install projects with predictable time frames as well as your profit margins.

Step 1:

Precast your panels. This can be done at any time in advance; before you head out to a jobsite in the morning, or if the crew is in early from a job, to a rainy day when the crews can't work outside. With 4 molds and 2 workers you can make 4 panels in one hour or less, and with the 4 hour delaminating time you can do several sets a day.
Step 2:

Prep the site and install steel reinforcing bars. If a catch basin is required, the excavation along with the frame footing should take less than an 2 hours with a mini-excavator. Placing and tying off re-bar with 2 workers should be completed in less than a couple hours for the average to small feature.
Step 3:

Pouring the catch basin and frame footing. 3 to 4 workers pouring 4 to 15 yards, should only take anywhere from 2 to 3 hours to place, texture, and carve. The frames will also be wet set in the concrete footing at the same time.
Step 4:

Hanging panels. Attaching panels to the structural steel frame and cross members. This step can take anywhere from 1-3 days and up depending on the size of the structure.
Step 5:

Seaming, Coloring and Sealing the Feature. The final step is seaming all the joints in between the panels, connect all plumbing, color the feature, and finally apply the sealer.

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