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Project - Swimming Pool With Resort Style Water Feature

The Situation:

A new vinyl liner swimming pool owner that wants a resort look for their bland backyard

The homeowners have recently installed a vinyl liner swimming pool for their family to enjoy. Now they would like to give their pool area a resort feel rather than the same old boring look. They have a couple of other issues to deal with; They cannot put any heavy weight on or directly near the pool wall and they don't have a resort budget for it either.

The Challenge:

The homeowners would like to build a resort style water feature that will flow into their pool.

Can they use a modular waterfall system? Yes, but there are limitations on the heights as well as configurations of these types of systems. They are usually quite pricey for their size and most look very cookie cutter and not easily customizable.

Can they use natural stone? No, the footing and the base required to build would be too massive and ultimately damage their new pool wall


The Solution:

Neptune Panel Waterfall System

In order to give the homeowners the resort style water feature they would love to have and more importantly can afford the only option was to use Concrete Developments, Neptune Panel System.

A small footing was poured and the structural steel frames were set to overhang the pool for the dramatic look they wanted. Over the course of the next 2 days, 16 Neptune Panels were attached and secured onto the steel frames. Plumbing was run from their existing pool equipment for the cost of 20' of 2" flex pipe and hidden underneath the panels. Seems were patched. The waterfall was colored and then the project was sealed.

The Outcome:

For less than $9,800.00 and a total of 3 days on site, the homeowners went from an average looking pool area to a total resort style stay-cation. All this completed in 3 days.

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