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Project - Dramatic 25' Tall Waterfall

The Situation:

A barren ledge filled rocky backyard that is not fit for entertaining or relaxing in.

The homeowners that live in this recently built house had to have tons and tons of ledge blasted out in order to give them the ability to put a foundation in to build on. This left them only 35' in depth from their back door to this wall of ledge in their backyard. Now the hard work begins, how can we create a tranquil yard to be used for relaxation and entertainment?

The Challenge:

The homeowners would like to use the existing ledge for a dramatic 25' tall waterfall as a focal point for their yard.

Can they use a modular waterfall system? No, there are limitations on the heights as well as configurations of these types of systems.

Can they use natural stone? No, the footing and the base required to go to that height would be too massive and cost prohibitive.

The Solution:

Neptune Panel Waterfall System

In order to give the homeowners the dramatic looking waterfall the only solution on this sheer cliff was to use Concrete Developments Neptune Panel System. Installing structural steel that was drilled and pinned into the ledge with the use of industrial epoxy injected into the holes secured the structure into place.

Once the steel structure was secured, the catch basin and 85' long x 18" high sitting wall was installed. Then inside of 3 days over 55 Neptune panels were attached and secured onto the steel under frame. Plumbing was run and hidden underneath the panels. Seems were patched. The waterfall was colored along with the wall, then the project was sealed. All in less than 4 days. 6 days total including all prep work and drainage.

The Outcome:

For less than $52,000.00 and a total of 6 days on site, the homeowners went from a complete bombed out looking backyard to a relaxing, exotic back yard that is now the envy of the neighborhood. All within one week!

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