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Product Comparisons

  • Using a recycled product

  • Labor intensive and Costly
  • Limitations on configuration of stones
  • Limited of stone sizes
  • They lack dramatic effects with sheer drops
  • Could take a couple of weeks for completion
  • Because of weight, not conducive to be built alongside vinyl liner and fiberglass pools
  • Cannot build grottos or caves without a massive, costly engineered support structure
  • With equipment and material needed to complete the job, yard becomes torn up and not safe for an extended length of time

  • Fast install time
  • No Need for any heavy equipment
  • Good for use around pools

  • Limited amount of waterfall configurations
  • No structural steel frame anchored into a concrete footing. The shells only sit on a footing with a mortar joint.
  • Expensive for the sizes available
  • Limited to the same textures
  • Limitations on design heights

  • Fast install time
  • No need for heavy equipment
  • Great for use around pools
  • Unlimited configurations
  • GFRC Panels attached to a structural steel frame
  • Totally customizable
  • Ability to create dramatic water drops and effects
  • No need to have many different kits in stock in order to complete different waterfalls
  • Brings Disney and Las Vegas looking water features into the average Joes home at price that is affordable
  • Can build grottos and caves for dramatic effects

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