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Neptune Panels vs Modular Waterfall Systems

There are several methods available on the market today for creating faux rock waterfalls and outdoor living features.  Quality, functionality, simplicity, realism, and of course customer satisfaction are some of the reasons to make a valid comparison between the different systems available. Which is the most efficient in producing pool-side, stand-alone, and other styles of water features? The following is a brief comparison of the Neptune Panel system versus other leading modular Kits

 Modular System


  • No need for heavy equipment
  • Quick install time
  • Limited designs
  • Panels are purchased not made
  • Good for around pools
  • Limited sizes and textures
  • Held together with only a mortar joint
  • Expensive for the size kits available
  • Small selection of colors
  • “boxy” design looks

garden waterfall

Neptune Panels


  • Very affordable
  • Moderate to fast installation
  • No need for heavy equipment
  • Unlimited design configurations
  • Panels attached to a structural steel frame
  • Indoor/outdoor uses
  • Cure out at over 9000 psi
  • No effloresence
  • Can be pre made to accommodate any design feature
  • Molds are made not purchased
  • Can be used for grottos and caves
  • Each mold can be used to make thousands of panels
  • Unlimited styles with just an adjustment of the mold
  • No need for kits to be in stock


Neptune panels is a solution to those who are looking for a truly unique design that will set there feature apart from the rest. Hundreds of Neptune Panel features have been constructed and no two look the same. With a completely customizable design there is no limit to what can be achieved through the use of the Neptune Panels system.

By not “pre-fabricating” the design of the panels you are not restricted in what your projects outcome will be. The same panels you might use for a water feature will be the same panels that will be used to create a grotto or man cave as with other modular kits you will have to purchase varying panels and products. All of the designs are based around a structural steel core to ensure that all projects whether big or small maintain our goal of quality and integrity.

What is your experience in working with either system?

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