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Swimming Pool Waterfall Builder Profile: Naomi Otto From Mackay, Queensland, Australia

Naomi Otto, swimming pool waterfall builder


Naomi Otto is an award winning building designer and the managing director of Majestic Development Services, a one-stop shop for interior, exterior and landscape design build needs located in Mackay, Queensland. A family based business with over 45 years combined full expertise and experience, they value service and providing their clients with the highest level of service.  Here’s what she had to share after completing her Neptune Panels training.

We’re from Mackay, which is a little town in far north Queensland, central north Queensland in Australia.   We’re a design construct company.

What sparked your interest in the Neptune Panels product? 

We were looking for a different product, a point of difference that can set us aside from anybody else who’s doing housing design and construction.   You quite often get someone who just does design or just does construction. We do both, design and construction. But we wanted a product that was going to make our houses stand out from the crowd.

How is it working with the system?

I cannot get over, number one, how easy it is to construct. There’s Ledgefalls–they are so simple and straight forward. Dave has this system down pat.  Between the panels that we use, the height that we can get, and the effect of that massive overhang rock; it just blows you away.   It’s just amazing.

How does this compare with other products for building backyard waterfalls? 

I have never seen anything like it- I’ve seen natural stone, I’ve seen lots of waterfalls, but I have never seen anything like this system–it’s just fantastic.   It’s just amazing the strength that they’ve got in these panels and these panels are so thin and easy to lift.

What are the limits for using this system?

From what we have seen and what we have experienced there is no limit to what you can do with this product.

What would you say to other contractors considering the Neptune Panels system?

You’re silly not to. This will blow your mind. This product will change the way you operate your business.

Backyard Waterfall Builder Profile: Craig Otto From Mackay, Queensland, Australia

Craig Otto, outdoor living spaces

Craig Otto has worked in the construction industry for nearly 30 years.  In 2011 he was awarded apprentice of the year at the Queensland Master Builder’s Awards.  He is an owner of Majestic Development Services in Mackay, Queensland.  Majestic Development Services is a boutique builder, specializing in high end projects from $500k and up.  In 2012 he discovered the Neptune panel system and in August 2013 made the 12,000 mile trip to attend installer training.  Here’s what he had to say about the system.

“Craig Otto from Australia, all the way from Brisbane.”

What do you think of the panel system for building outdoor living features?

“The panel system is sensational.  That thing went up in a couple of days.  That is absolutely awesome.  I’ve never ever seen anything like it.  I actually built it and I still don’t believe it.  It’s absolutely fantastic.  And strong, durable, easy to put up, anyone can do it.”

How will this incorporate into your water feature business?

“It gives us the edge that we need.  It gives us a point of difference.  Only limitation I can see that its got is your own imagination.  It can do anything.  If you can think of it, it can be done. It will put us above everyone else.  Without a doubt it will put us miles above everyone else, and that’s where I want to be.”

What would you say to others looking at the backyard waterfall system?

“If you, if you’re on the edge or if you want to get in front on your business definitely get out here.  Like I said I came, ah, just over 12,000 miles and I’d come here again no problem at all.”

Neptune Panels Installer Profile: Gustavo Ordonez, Jardines y Piscinas (Video)

Gustavo Ordonez, Jardines y Piscinas, Neptune Panels Installer

Gustavo Ordonez is President of Jardines y Piscinas S.A, a full service swimming pool company located in Honduras.  With locations in Tegucigalpa, San Pedro Sula, La Ceiba, and Roatan, his company is the largest pool contractor in the country.  Serving both commercial and residential clients, they offer design and build services, spa, sauna, maintenance and repair and water features.  Gustavo recently attended training, and had this to share.

My name is Gustavo. My company is Jardines y Piscinas.  I’m from Honduras in Central America. The company started 20 years ago. We started just doing small water features.  And I’m always researching, looking for a new system to do those things- easier system.

How versatile is the Neptune Panels System?

I never thought about going three/ four feet over the pool ledge–never.  With stone or cement or nothing-No.  Even the big big waterfalls I’ve done in commercial installations I’ve done over there — they go like 10 inches over the edge- no more than that. So that’s amazing.

I’m sure I’m going to sell a lot of these. They’re very nice looking, consistent quality. The engineering behind it is surprising. I’m’ still amazed how fast we put it up.

Really, it only takes four guys to build a huge waterfall. No more than that.  It’s really amazing how user friendly the system is– how easy to install.

What will this do for your Company?

I’m so excited about it I’m trying to set up a whole regional coverage. Installing waterfalls in the five or six countries that make up central America. I see it as that much of a potential.

What about installer support?

One of the things that inspires confidence in the whole system is that you got all these people, experts, backing you up.  I’m in a different country, not different zip code, a whole different country, and I feel confident about it.  Excellent, excellent customer support.


Neptune Panels Installer Profile: Swimming Pool Builder John Oliver

Atlantis Pools And Spas Neptune Panels Installer

As a pool builder for over 32 years, John Oliver of Atlantis Pools and Spas Inc. has built over 1000 pools in the metro area of Tulsa, OK.  A full service pool company, Atlantis designs, builds, services and remodels pools.  By incorporating specialty features for their clients such as grottoes, swim-up bars, vanishing edges and swimming pool waterfalls, they have earned the reputation as the premier builder in the area.

When John was introduced to the Neptune Panels system, he was intrigued by the reduced time to build as well as the natural look.  Using boulders a small job could take from 2-3 weeks and a larger job as much as 2-3 months.  And with natural stone waterfalls, he could never achieve the 3-5 foot overhangs due to the restrictions from the weight of the boulders.

While attending training, John that the Neptune Panels system not only looks better than any modular waterfall system, but it was completely customizable, allowing him to build more sheer cliffs than he could with natural stone.  In addition, he’s able to build projects more quickly, allowing him to get more jobs done in a season.

Master Pool Builder John Oliver

According to John, “I wish I had this system 20 years ago.  I wasted a lot of time putting boulders up.  It could be a game changer for us.  I think our company can definitely grow our revenue, to the point where we could double our revenue in a couple of years.”

neptune panels installers

Neptune Panels Installer Profile: Pond Builder Cliff Fitzwater

fitz water design neptune panels installer


With over 340 ponds and water features installed in the past 8 years, Cliff Fitzwater of Fitz Water Design worked hard to become the premier pond and pondless waterfall builder in Southwest Missouri.  With a retail store in Reeds Spring, MO, just north of Branson, Cliff’s goal is to turn his customer’s backyard dreams into reality.

When Cliff was introduced to the Neptune Panels system for waterfalls, he immediately saw a method to fill a void in his current offerings.  He’d lost jobs for swimming pool waterfalls and requests for large backyard waterfalls due to the customers requested location and the amount of property disruption.

As an Aquascape dealer,  Cliff appreciate the fact that he’ll be able to combine this system with his current pond building methods to add another level of service to his customers, without detracting from his core business.

With the ease of installation and ability to reach heights that are nearly impossible with natural stone waterfalls, Cliff feels that adding the Neptune Panels system opens new avenues to construct water features, allowing him to diversify his portfolio of services.

According to Cliff, “I just have to decide how large I want my business to grow.  With the Neptune Panels system I see reaching 2-3 times my current gross sales very easily.”