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What People are saying about Concrete Developments LLC, Backyard Waterfalls

Since the development and launch of the Concrete Developments LLC, Neptune Panels System for resort style backyard water features, hundreds of backyard waterfalls have been installed. Using a frame and panel system, the customization of projects is limitless. So what are customers saying about these backyard transformations?

backyard waterfall

Here is what Customers are saying about these Backyard Transformations?

“Our freinds are blown away!”

“Exceeded all our wildest expectations.”

“Most people come to our house and thimk it’s real”

“You wouldn’t know it wasn’t real.”

In the first section of the video you’ll see how customers of Concrete Developments LLC Installers, Connie and Lee Cummings of Cummings Masonry & Landscape, Inc. designed and built three separate waterfalls with a fire pit, using the Neptune panel system. After receiving quotes from other contractors that the project would take 8-9 months to complete, Lee and Connie completed the project in less than one-quarter the time, leaving the customer amazed and beyond satisfied.

Next, David Montoya speaks with a couple at the Deerfield Fair sitting on the waterfall project he completed there. Since the whole project was created with concrete, the guests had a difficult time distinguishing the difference between real rock and the Concrete Developments LLC, rock.

The following video shows the process used in the Concrete Developments, LLC, Neptune Panel System.

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7 Benefits To Backyard Water Features

Creating a backyard retreat is like adding additional rooms to a home. Outdoor kitchens, patios and…for a peaceful setting; water features. Large or small, water features add serenity to a backyard. The tranquil sound of trickling water is a great way to unwind after a long day.

backyard waterfall

Here are 7 reasons to consider adding a waterfall or pond less waterfall to backyard projects.

  1. Adds aesthetic appeal – There’s a magical aura to the site and sound of running water.
  2. Low maintenance – It only takes a few minutes a week to maintain.
  3. Focal point – A beautiful water feature attracts attention.
  4. Relaxing – The sight and sound of trickling water helps to melt away daily stresses.
  5. Doesn’t take a lot of space – A pond less waterfall can be designed to work in just about any space.
  6. Safety – Is safe for children and pets.
  7. Less than a day to build – From design to build, a waterfall can be completed and running in less than a day

The following video shows the process used in the Concrete Developments, LLC, Neptune Panel System.

Creating A Backyard Oasis: Swimming Pool Waterfalls

Swimming pool waterfalls will add an effect of drama to an otherwise mundane in-ground swimming pool. In addition to the form and style of a typical pool itself, the location of your pool and the surrounding landscape can play a factor in deciding which type of waterfall best matches the swimming pool. Waterfalls can connect two separate pools, add a touch of nature while masking something very unnatural or make the horizon indistinguishable from the pool itself.

backyard waterfall

Swimming pool waterfalls certainly are a way for you to add style and design to a pool, adding a focal point in addition to a functional part into your pool. The flow of water can act as a pool pump, keeping water clean and flowing, and can also offer swimmers a place to interact physically together with the fall of water. Pool waterfalls are available in many different shapes, sizes and designs, and may be custom-made depending on pool owner’s specifications.

Swimming pool waterfalls can work as a lot more than just a water feature for swimming pools with curved edges. A large, rocky outcropping built surrounding a curved fringe of the swimming pool creates a natural-looking waterfall. Waterfalls built more than 3 feet tall make ideal camouflage for pool slides. The steps start at one end of the rock wall with the slide curving around and into the swimming pool from roughly the midpoint.

The amount of space available in the back yard or patio area decides the size of the waterfall as well as the slide. When designing this kind of a waterfall installation, the first selection would be the water slide. The contour of the slide acts as a skeleton for the rock formation. The open space below the slide is an ideal place to hide the waterfall’s pumping equipment.

A few of the features of swimming pool waterfalls would be the color variations in the rock structure. Shades of gray, white, blue, black or natural stone are popular in many different custom built designs. Tiered rock formations teamed up with pump speed create many different flow of water amongst the falls, with everything from a powerful, steady flow to a minimal, tranquil trickle effect.

Lighting can also appear in different locations behind or nearby the falls so the pool along with the waterfall can very well be enjoyed at nighttime. Some waterfalls have small nooks for plants in order to create a tropical atmosphere.

Swimming pool waterfalls can vary in size from 3 feet across all the way to 24 or more feet. The height is typically1 to 3 feet. Some pool waterfalls are tiered on different-sized platforms that gradually decrease in size as they get taller. Pool waterfalls generally pump around 200 to 250 gallons per hour and also have adjustable settings to increase or decrease the flow of water, making them very energy efficient.

Think about the type of pool that you have prior to deciding to purchase or build a swimming pool waterfall. Above-ground pools as well as some smaller fiberglass pools are not well suited for waterfalls because of their size and shape. In-ground gunite or concrete pools are the perfect foundation for waterfalls, because the waterfalls can be strategically placed to mesh into the sides of the pool to have a more conforming and natural look.

The following video shows the process used in the Concrete Developments, LLC, Neptune Panel System.

Panel System For Dramatic Swimming Pool Waterfalls

New for 2012, Concrete Developments LLC, has engineered an innovative panel system for creating swimming pool waterfalls, backyard waterfalls and commercial water features. Created with molds from New Hampshire mountain ledge rock, the patent pending Neptune Panel System for waterfalls allows swimming pool and hardscape contractors the opportunity to create custom, realistic water features in days, not weeks.

backyard waterfall

There are two components to the system. A custom frame is placed to provide the skeleton to build upon. This insures the stability of the structure and provides a starting point to attach the panels.

The second component is the panels. The panels are created from a mold using a proprietary mix that is three times stronger than concrete yet weigh one-third that of concrete. Once the panels are placed the gaps are filled to provide the finished look.

The final step in the process is applying the color. Virtually any color can be applied giving the waterfall the truly natural look of ledge rock.

One of the key advantages to this system is the fact that the contractor makes their own panels. A single mold will produce hundreds of panels. The only products that are shipped are the molds themselves, the frames, and the mix for the molds. There’s no need to worry about damage in shipping or the costs associated with shipping unusual sized panels.

The following video shows the process used in the Concrete Developments, LLC, Neptune Panel System.