Neptune Panels Waterfall Training: October 2013

Building A Waterfall Training

In October, we welcomed three new companies into our network of licensed and trained installers.  Jeff Krupinski of Landscapes Unlimited from Southington, CT, John Madison of John Madison Landscape and Eric Gagnon of G&G Landscape and Development of Lewiston, ME.  Here’s what they had to say about the system and their learning experience.

“Hi my name is Jeff Krupinski. I own Landscapes Unlimited. We’re a lawn and landscape installation company based out of southern Connecticut.Currently we’re a paving and retaining wall company. We do a tremendous amount of flat work, all segmented concrete units. But we saw the product, we can see it’s versatility not only used in the water features but anything used outdoors basically. Seeing it done I’m amazed at how simple it actually is and how strong it actually is.

John Madison with John Madison Landscape.- Orlando Florida. We didn’t do waterfalls. We were pretty much scared of them. Everything done there is more of a liner for natural stone type of products. Just never liked the liability of them and then we found this product here that’s basically reduced the liability. I feel like there’s a demand in our area for something like this because no one else is doing it. The product is amazing, I mean we haven’t even stained it yet and it already looks like a real rock. I haven’t seen any other products on the market that do what this product does and look as realistic as this one does.

Eric Gagnon with G&G Landscaping and Development. We’ve been in business since 1999 doing landscape maintenance and hardscape installations. We’re out of Lewiston. We don’t do many water features right now and there’s not many guys in our area doing them so that’s why we came down to the training because we’d like to get that going as part of our business. I like it so far. I definitely see it’s applications. For the initial investment it’s a wonderful wonderful product that really does what they say it does. It’s really as easy as it’s made to look. Very very very little artisticness is needed in it. There’s tons of opportunities to go back and correct mistakes. Definitely an easy to get into product. It’s a no brainer really. It’s worth the investment.”