Neptune Panels Installer Profile: Gustavo Ordonez, Jardines y Piscinas (Video)

Gustavo Ordonez, Jardines y Piscinas, Neptune Panels Installer

Gustavo Ordonez is President of Jardines y Piscinas S.A, a full service swimming pool company located in Honduras.  With locations in Tegucigalpa, San Pedro Sula, La Ceiba, and Roatan, his company is the largest pool contractor in the country.  Serving both commercial and residential clients, they offer design and build services, spa, sauna, maintenance and repair and water features.  Gustavo recently attended training, and had this to share.

My name is Gustavo. My company is Jardines y Piscinas.  I’m from Honduras in Central America. The company started 20 years ago. We started just doing small water features.  And I’m always researching, looking for a new system to do those things- easier system.

How versatile is the Neptune Panels System?

I never thought about going three/ four feet over the pool ledge–never.  With stone or cement or nothing-No.  Even the big big waterfalls I’ve done in commercial installations I’ve done over there — they go like 10 inches over the edge- no more than that. So that’s amazing.

I’m sure I’m going to sell a lot of these. They’re very nice looking, consistent quality. The engineering behind it is surprising. I’m’ still amazed how fast we put it up.

Really, it only takes four guys to build a huge waterfall. No more than that.  It’s really amazing how user friendly the system is– how easy to install.

What will this do for your Company?

I’m so excited about it I’m trying to set up a whole regional coverage. Installing waterfalls in the five or six countries that make up central America. I see it as that much of a potential.

What about installer support?

One of the things that inspires confidence in the whole system is that you got all these people, experts, backing you up.  I’m in a different country, not different zip code, a whole different country, and I feel confident about it.  Excellent, excellent customer support.


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