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Neptune Panels Installer Profile: Cummings Landscape And Masonry (Video)


Neptune Panels Installer Connie CummingsCummings Masonry & Landscape, Inc. is a full service Landscape, Masonry, and Concrete contractor. They provide and install new construction and remodel work to the outdoor living space to homeowners in the San Francisco Bay Area, constructing everything from outdoor kitchens and custom concrete work to foliage, outdoor lighting, and water features. In the following video, Connie discusses how becoming a licensed Neptune Panels installer has increased her business.

How has Neptune Panels helped your business?

“Using the Ledgefalls/Neptune Panels has really helped our company through the recession. We were able to bring our product on national TV on several Yard Crasher shows. It’s kept us busy and now we are starting to offer in almost every quote we do, we try to make sure it has a water feature.”

How is the customer demand for Neptune Panels?

“It’s hard to go on vacation. They go on vacation, spend a lot of money. Why not build a staycation in your own back yard? People want big water features and their and their pools they want that dramatic feel, but pool decks cannot put a 2, 3, 4000 pound rock to get a huge overhang. It just cannot happen unless you spend a lot of money trying to do something like that.”

How easy is the Neptune Panels System to work with?

“Totally changed the water feature excitement for me because I could lift the panels up. Being able to get in we will pour a pond maybe just me and 3 of my workers. We will pour a big pond on Monday and we are turning that water feature on by Friday. We can go in and do outdoor kitchens, fire pits, water features giving that whole feel of outdoor enjoyment for the family.”

Have you seen an increase in business with the Neptune Panels System?

“People like to see transformation in their yards quickly and that is what this product brings to our bottom line. We get most of our work on referral. Once you get a referral you have an 85 to 90% chance of getting the job. They can’t go to anybody else because nobody else is doing it. It has been very easy for me to sell these in people’s homes.”

Would you recommend the Neptune Panels System to other contractors?

“I would say if somebody were interested in wanting to become an installer for the panels and ledge falls I would say if you have passion for it go for it because it will totally change your life.”