Video: Creating The Most Believable Testimonials For Your Swimming Pool Waterfall Business

video testimonials for your pond waterfall business

The secret to getting testimonials and referrals is to ask for them.

Video testimonials generate a lot more confidence and trustworthiness than written or even spoken testimonials. Folks actually have a person they can associate with; they’re able to see the expression on customer’s faces and the belief in the product is essentially sensed. People today intuitively know that it’s much more challenging to fake a video testimonial, which makes it all the more potent.

Acquiring a customer testimonial on video humanizes your narrative.  It shows that despite the fact that a client may have paid for your services and products, a actual person enjoys the real benefits

The first thing to think about is what you want to be known for. Character is what one is; reputation is what one is thought to be by others. This should shape all else that you do in obtaining testimonials.

Allow me to share a few crucial questions you should answer about your marketplace positioning before getting your testimonials from others:

  • What do you want your product or service to be recognized for? What is it you’d like everybody to say about you and your products or services?
  • What differentiates you from your competition?
  • How do you want your testimonials to appear?

Rather than requesting your customers just wing it through their testimonial by speaking off the cuff, put together a list of questions that frame their replies and make it effortless for them to say excellent things about you and your company.

Here are a few techniques to compose a testimonial:

1. Introduce yourself and say what you do.

2. What type of work were you looking to have done that had you look for the company you are going to highly recommend?

3. What were the final results this company provided? What services did they offer and how easy were they to work with?

4. Sum up your overall experience and advocate for the company. It’s always beneficial to wrap up with one key takeaway you want the viewer to remember.

Make it a Video

Making short videos is quite simple. The strategy is to plan not to edit considering that editing is the difficult piece and prevents people from actually undertaking or publishing them. So if you plan to do your short videos in one take, similar to having a conversation, you’ll produce more testimonials.

If you happen to make a modest error then just say, “What I meant is…” and proceed as you would in any dialogue.

In today’s online world, it’s ok to have a video that doesn’t look staged.  Of course ideally you’ll have your background set against the job you’ve just completed and you’ll guide your customers statements with leading questions.

The feeling of authenticity that’s found in these videos will beat out the well-polished, professional videos every time.

Remember, today’s smartphones have video cameras that will work just fine for creating the type of testimonial video you’re looking for.  And for a few hundred dollars you could set yourself up with a video camera and tripod if you’re looking to get a little more serious.

With today’s technology right in your hand, and a few thought out questions to prompt your customers, what’s holding you back from getting video testimonials?