How To Harness Online Testimonials For Your Swimming Pool And Pond Waterfall Business

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In this second part of getting customer testimonials, we’ll take a look at harnessing the power of online reviews for your swimming pool, pond, and backyard waterfall business.

How do you get credible testimonials? Let’s examine some of the sites you can gather reviews, as well as how to inspire reviews from your customers and how to collect them from all around the web.

Set up a testimonials or reviews button on your website. Clients can click on the button as you encouraged to leave positive reviews and feedback about your services and company.

Send out an email to your clients seeking a testimonial. Your email can contain a link that guides them back to the feedback section of your web-site or a web link that takes them to a customer survey form you created with your evaluation questions.

Include your business in search directories hosted by major search engines. Search directories enable users to leave evaluations about your company on the internet, and may influence the way you get ranking with local search results. One example, let’s say you’re a swimming pool waterfall builder and include your business on Google Places. Customers looking for a swimming pool waterfall builder in their area may select your business over others when they see you have a great deal of favorable customer critiques.

Local search directories like Google Places, Yahoo Local, Merchant Circle, Yelp, and CitySearch allow participants of their networks to write assessments about local companies. Google obtains opinions from Google users, in addition to drawing in opinions from other local search sites like Yelp. Merchant Circle enables member testimonials and also brings them in from Yahoo Local, CitySearch, as well as other sites.

Why would you want to guide your customers to creating reviews on these sites versus writing a testimonial specifically for your site? The answer is simple. If you are attempting to get Google search traffic to your local small business, you would want your company to come up in the search with the most testimonials.

If you have great evaluations on these websites, you should promote them on your testimonials webpage as well.

Use the reviews features on social networking websites like Facebook. Facebook has built-in functions that allow other users to leave recommendations and reviews for your company on your profile page.

Execute an Web search for local business directories to discover a search directory for each significant search engine. You can then add your company to each directory and advise clients to leave their feedback on these websites.

Create daily notifications via email on Google Alerts for a wide range of relevant terms in order to keep track of your name, company name, brand name with the word review.

There is one drawback when it comes to soliciting reviews on your Facebook page, in local search directories, and other sites that you don’t have control over. There is the chance that all of the reviews that are posted will not be positive.

Anytime you come across an unfavorable assessment about your company, it is vital that you act in response to it. When a prospective customer reads a negative evaluation, but also recognizes that you have acted to help resolve the issue in a consumer forum, then that prospective client will discover that you do care about your client’s satisfaction, which might lead to a favorable perception after all.

Your testimonial page is probably one of the most powerful pages on your website. Fantastic testimonies tell people that your product or service is not only legitimate, but amazing enough that other customers are finding great benefits from it.