What is Neptune Panels?: Behind the Waterfall

By Jonathan Allard

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waterfalls, waterfeatures, aquascapes, neptunepanels

waterfalls, waterfeatures, aquascapes, neptunepanels


Since 2010 Concrete Developments has tried to develop ways to re-invent the way custom backyard waterfalls are built. In the construction industry there are two popular methods of installing water features; real stone and modular GFRC systems.

Real stone is very time consuming and can also be very expensive. Heavy machinery is needed to lift and place stones and cantilevered features are tough to construct. Modular GFRC systems offer a lighter and faster way to resemble real stone.  While easier to install than real rock, the design is limited to what kits the company offers. That means the waterfall that spills into your pool could be the same exact one that your neighbor down the street has.

The goal of Concrete Developments was to produce a panel system that would be light weight, high strength, and have true, defining textures. Using a long lasting, durable mold material we took impressions of stone from around the country.  This offers a wide variety of texture themes to work with.

Our first goal was to produce a panel that would be light weight, high strength, and have true, defining textures. Consisting of impressions from real stone a long-lasting, durable material was used to create the panel molds. This gave us a wide variety of texture themes to work with.

Next was to develop a panel mix. We worked closely with a renowned GFRC leader, who created a mix that is on the cutting edge of lightweight concrete. Not only does it have a compression strength of over 9000 psi , it has a flexure strength of over 1650 psi. This combination along with a light weight frame provides a solid foundation to work from.

Neptune panels are now used in a variety of different applications. They can be used indoor and outdoor, and have truly changed the thought process on waterfall design. Cantilevers are now created with ease, sheer drops and cascading falls are simply achieved. Not only has the waterfall section of a feature changed but the textures around it now are complimentary to the falls themselves by having the ability to make in and out clefs, jagged shelves, and protrusions that are true to nature. No other product allows for such versatility and creativity.

Tell us your thoughts below about our unique product, we appreciate your feedback.

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